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Current Scenario: India is poised at an economic crossroad. One possibility includes a booming economy with ample employment opportunities, a sizeable youth population, and the advantage of ‘demographic dividend’ with surplus workforce to support developed economies. The flip side is that while the demand for quality manpower continues unabated, the shortcomings in the quality of available manpower are coming to the fore. Hence unemployment, unemployables and the ever increasing divide between the socio-economic classes continues. Skill development and life-long learning are the driving forces for bridging this divide, achieving inclusive growth and productivity, and reducing global skills shortage.

Scope: The high dropout rate, 75% from Classes I to X, is a critical issue. The target population for skill development includes all those in the labour force, including those entering the labour market for the first time (approximately 12.8 million annually), those employed in the organized sector (approximately 26 million), and those in the unorganized sector (approximately 433 million). While about 8% of India’s youth are unemployed, around 57% have some kind of skill deficiency. All these youth urgently need some form of skill development or upgrade.

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